Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sorry: Blog Neglect

Anybody there??

To the few people that actually read this blog, I want to apologise for neglecting my little adventure-land recently. Despite still going to as many gigs/events as usual, I've been major slacking on writing them up on here. I do feel really lazy, even though this blog was only ever really a memory box for myself, however what some of you may not know is that I have still been writing about most things, but I've crossed over into the scary but exciting world of an actual celebrity website. Yes, someone's been stupid enough to let me write for them!!!

In September, I saw one of my Twitter followers talk about a site called CelebMix so naturally intrigued, I went to have a nosy. What I was welcomed with was an awesome celebrity news site that just happened to be looking for voluntary writers. After debating with myself for a few days, I decided to apply - the worst that could happen was rejection, something of which I'm used to by now!

Within a few days, my application was successfully processed and I joined the team. Without doubt, it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. It's given me a new perspective in terms of thinking about future careers. 

After graduating from University, my dream job was working in marketing but I couldn't get my foot in a professional organisation as I didn't have enough experience (the old vicious circle). I then applied for my current job, which is a charity shop manager. Don't get me wrong, I love my job so much and I'll always be grateful to my employers for taking a chance on me and giving me the opportunity. However I also know that I don't want to work there forever. 

With my quarter life crisis fast approaching, I feel as if I've been plodding along for some time now but CelebMix has given me a new lease of life. What started off as a hobby has made me reconsider what I'd like to do in the future - being able to combine my love of music and all things celebrity with writing on a full time basis would literally be a dream come true. It sounds so silly but I really do owe them a lot for giving me the opportunity to rediscover my passion for writing and potentially giving me other career options in the future. I know that I'm going to need to work so hard if I want to build this type of career, especially as I don't think my writing is particularly good enough, but for the time being I'm having a ball, getting experience and learning every day.

I used to love writing as a kid, I would write stories and poems and I won small creative writing competitions. University definitely put me off writing - after turning in continuous assignments, including my dreaded 20,000 word dissertation, I didn't write anything of use for a while afterwards. That was until I went to a Britroyal gig last year and Kais encouraged me to start a blog about my gig travels. Without taking his advice and writing here for over a year, I definitely wouldn't have even dreamed about applying for CelebMix.

After coming home from a long day at work, I actually get excited at the thought of switching the laptop on and getting my CelebMix head on. I've thrown myself into it as I enjoy it so much. I've done roughly 60 of my own articles so far, including gig reviews, email interviews and general news stories. I also have admin privileges to check over other people's work and am the Senior Social Manager who deals with their Twitter account.

I haven't really spoken to many people about being a part of CelebMix. I've always been reluctant to shove my work in anyone's face as I'm very self conscious - I always worry about being judged or ridiculed for what I write. This is something I've been through with this blog. I was too scared to share posts on Twitter in the beginning (and I wouldn't/still don't dream about sharing on Facebook). I did post an article I wrote for CelebMix on Facebook recently and I regretted doing so straight away as someone thought it was nice to belittle what I'd done. The particular article in question was something I'd done under my own initiative, one of the reasons why I love writing for CelebMix, and I only shared it as it was going to be of interest to many of my friends. I'm fully aware that for most, writing for a site isn't a big deal however it means a hell of a lot to me.  

I get the biggest buzz when people acknowledge the articles I've written. I always get a bit anxious when writing anything, so to get a few retweets or positive feedback makes me really happy. Simple things please simple minds eh?! Confidence is something I struggle with but I know that if I want to turn this hobby into a career, I need to have more self belief! One of my fellow writers posted this quote the other day, I think it's pretty sound advice to live by.

I think I've rambled on enough now....but I have a couple of posts coming shortly. For the time being, here are a few links to some articles I've written about recent gigs.

Hwyl am y tro ✌️

Monday, 12 October 2015

"Oh My God, I Just Met Olly Murs!"

On Saturday we went to Birmingham to meet Olly Murs at his Waterstones book signing. The first (and last) time that I met Olly was back in 2011 so it was long overdue!

We arrived in Birmingham quite early in the morning and got to catch up with Em for a bit which was lovely. We then went for food before heading over to Waterstones.

The whole event had been ticketed beforehand so we were guaranteed entry. We started queuing around half past one, with the signing due to begin at 3pm. Due to the number of people already in the queue, they started the signing early. To be honest I was really pleased about this as initially one of the Waterstones employees told us that we wouldn't be allowed posed photos with Olly. The queue snaked around the bookshelves on the upper floor of the shop and as we got closer, we could see that despite the initial message from staff, people were actually getting pictures with him!

The nearer we got to Olly, the more excited everyone became. We were told to leave our bags on the right hand side and to get our phones out and books ready to be signed. 

Eventually it was my turn to meet him. As with any signing, it was so quick but well worth the wait. He was so lovely, just as I'd remembered, and thanked me for coming. The Waterstones staff were responsible for taking our photos and I must applaud the lady who took mine as my camera roll was full and made it look as if I'd been with him for ages haha! After we posed for a picture he gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye which was cute. In typical male celebrity style, I can say that he smells really good as his scent lingered on my top for hours afterwards haha.

I was excited for mum as she got to meet him for the first time. We have a running joke from many years ago when we went to T4 On The Beach and saw Hollyoaks being filmed. There was a character called Liberty who was a singer and I remember her running towards Ethan and Theresa going "Oh my god, I just met Olly Murs!" in the funniest way so we always joke about it, but now mum can actually say it!!

I was so pleased to get to meet Olly again after four years. I think the years have been a bit kind to us haha (why I was let out in public with that hair??)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️