Friday, 15 August 2014

Final stop, Glasgow!

It's nearly been a week since Kingsland's tour finished :((( but I thought I'd write about Glasgow as the final night was definitely one of my favourites!

Whilst queuing outside the O2 ABC I managed to meet and get a picture with Ben from Canary Swing which meant that I met them all during the week - he was lovely but the sun decided to ruin our picture!

Once inside, we had our final meet and greet with the boys which was lovely. I already miss them all so much and it's been strange not seeing them every day since I've been home. Plenty of swaying hugs were had, Thomps told Darren not to blame me for him being useless with my camera and Connor was generally creepy cos he kept stroking me... We had our group picture and Darren also took some whilst we were chatting.

(this was our third try, got there in the end!)

(Cuddles with my favourite person ever!)

(Forever looking in disgust at Con oops haha! Wasn't a fan of the stroking...)

I was also reunited with Shauni who lives in Scotland. I've only met her a few times but she is so lovely :)

After everyone met the boys, we ran to get the barrier, which I managed at last!!! I was so pleased as me, mum and Joey were together on the barrier for the final date, as we'd done all six dates throughout the week. Emily also got barrier so we made sure it was going to be a gig to remember.

(Tour buddies!)

It was absolutely manic!! We had great fun during the support acts, being noticed by Canary Swing and In Hinsight was really cute! (Jessica Alice kept ignoring us despite singing along to her songs haha). 

We started a chant for Canary Swing before they walked on as well as chanting for several of their team haha! I managed to get some good pictures and videos as keepsakes (they can never be posted as my singing is atrocious wow). It was amazing to watch Canary Swing and In Hindsight all week and I hope I can see them again soon, definitely new favourites of mine!

Finally it was time for the boys, and boy did the crowd go crazy!!! For the first time, we were in the "splashing zone" for Walk Away, basically being spat water on by Thomps which I was oddly thrilled about (I was hyper as anything by that night looool). Josh also noticed us straight away as we were singing our hearts out!

(This is how close we were at times!)

I would never have thought to compare a boyband gig to that of a mosh pit but on several occasions I was rammed into the barrier, had my hair pulled and nearly got strangled as Thomps stood infront of me and leaned into the crowd (subsequently I shoved him by the knee so that he would move back, only for him to come back again and stand even closer yay!!) - Glasgow girls are crazy but it all added to the atmosphere! 

We sang, danced and gave all our energy and it was amazing to be able to watch them from the very front, with no one blocking my short self, and being able to go completely crazy!  We even managed to do a shuffle from side to side during He's Got It Coming, copying the boys dance moves, as we also did during Treasure!

(Selfie with Flynny!) 

It was really sad to see them leave the stage for the final time. It was the most amazing week of my life being able to watch them every night. Many ask me, why would you want to see the same show 6 times, but it really wasn't the same at all. Every night was spent watching from a different position (let me reassure you, as rough as it was, there is no better experience than being on the barrier), watching with different friends as well as being in various cities and atmospheres. The Birmingham crowd for example was pretty special as lots of the boys' family and friends were present. To be honest, even if it was exactly the same every night, I would still enjoy it as nothing gives me a greater buzz than watching those boys on stage. You can tell how much they love life when they are performing!

The end of tour also marks the release of Dirty Dancer, their debut single! They need to chart within the top 40 on Sunday, and they are so close to doing so! Please help to support them by downloading the single and EP NOW!!!

available on: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
signed physical copy: Pledge
listen on: Spotify and Deezer

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Hopefully going to write a little roundup over the weekend, as it's the first weekend I've been at home for in weeks! Although I'm buzzing to see the boys again next week in Colwyn Bay haha!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Round 5 - Newcastle!

So tour has now sadly come an end :((( but to celebrate, here's two blog posts - firstly about Newcastle!

Newcastle (round 5) was one of my favourite gigs during the tour - we manage to get a good spot and just went crazy. We spent the gig with Gabrielle and Danielle, our fellow Welshies which was amazing!

(post gig pic in the pouring rain, as you do) 

The support acts for this night were Aiden Hancock, In Hindsight, Canary Swing and Jessica Alice. Aiden was good considering he's quite young, and we decided to be very enthusiastic for Jessica's performance!  However the stand out support acts on tour were definitely In Hindsight and Canary Swing.

I'd never seen In Hindsight before this tour however I think they are amazing, and I'm quite keen to go and see them on their own tour in October! Dangerous is my favourite song of theirs, there's a breakdown near the end where they perform solos and Michael starts rapping, I was completely sold by that point, it sounded amazing!

I've mentioned on numerous occasions how brilliant Canary Swing are, and they just keep getting better and better, they need to tour again soon!

Finally it was time for Kingsland, who performed another energetic and memorable show. We sang our hearts out with them and for the first time I actually jumped at a gig - I never jump for anyone but there I was during Sing, jumping up and down and swinging a Kingsland t-short round my head...... (Note to self, never buy loads of merch before a gig when you have no bag to carry it as it gets in the way - I ended up with 4 band t-shirts in my hands, falling on the floor etc, not great lol. I must also note at this point, how lovely Callum is, who was selling Kingsland's merch. It was so nice to meet him at last!)

Newcastle was the night where I met the support acts as well as the boys outside. It was absolutely pouring down but luckily I met George from Canary Swing and Michael from In Hindsight inside so got decent pictures!



Once outside, I managed to get drowned rat selfies with Matt, Josh, Jay and Thomps, as well as Cory and Sam from Canary Swing.

It was a brilliant night, although one step closer to the last gig in Glasgow, which you'll read more about in the next post....

Hwyl am y tro ✌️

Friday, 8 August 2014

KL Round 3 and 4 - Brum and Manc

Rounds 3 and 4 of The Kingsland Road Show tour saw the boys stop in Birmingham and Manchester! Both were sold out shows which meant the atmosphere was electric in the venues!

On Wednesday, the boys also visited two radio stations in Birmingham, Free Radio and BBC Radio West Midlands. We missed the boys arriving at Free Radio as we'd only just arrived after our long train journey but I managed to meet Con and Thomps when they stopped on their way out.

Afterwards we went back to the train station to meet one of my faves Em and her friend Leah. Em is like my little sister, and we met through being fans of Times Red. I hadn't seen her since December so I was super excited to be reunited and hopefully help her to meet Kingsland!

We headed to the Mailbox, and luckily there was a Nandos opposite the radio so we could eat and keep an eye on what was going on - once we heard screams, we knew the boys had arrived! We ran out of Nandos, leaving poor Leah to carry on eating and headed straight to Matt as he is Em's fave. 

He was so precious to her, it made my day to see her so happy and that her fave was so lovely to her. I'd already told him about her in Swansea, and he loved the Minion Haribo she gave him ;) I grabbed a quick photo with him too!  

She also managed to meet Thomps and Jay who were equally as lovely to her - I think she's fallen even more in love with the boys now so mission accomplished ;)

The gig itself at the O2 Academy was amazing, such a good atmosphere, made even more special for the boys as lots of their family and friends were present! I got to see Doddy again, who's Thomps' friend but also drove the boys to my house when I won a competition for them to perform last year. He's always so lovely to us! I spent the gig with Faye and her friend, one of my longest klander friends, she's absolutely crazy but I love her!

Yesterday we travelled on to Manchester for the 4th show. This time there was a change in support acts. As well as Jessica Alice, there was also Liverpool based boyband Mic Lowry, as well as a band called In Hindsight. I've seen Mic Lowry briefly before at a Soccer Six event and they were fab once again. I also think I've potentially found some new faves in the form of In Hindsight, who will be supporting for the rest of the tour!

The gig itself was one of my favourites so far, definitely one of the best venues! Despite being near the back, I had a brilliant view and danced and sang along til I practically lost my voice. Kingsland Road always put on an energetic show, their vocals were on point and their new songs are firmly cemented into my brain!!

After the show, everyone ran outside to try and meet them, which was particularly manic although I expected nothing less from Manchester haha! I managed to help a girl get her phone case signed by Josh, and hugged Matt to thank him for how he was with Em the day before. I also got to see Doddy again, and as Thomps had gone back to the car, I asked him just to pass on the message that we had been there, but instead he went to the car and brought him out to us so we could have a hug! 

I can't believe that we're nearing the end of tour!! It's going to be so strange when it ends. I'm currently sat on the train to Newcastle, which will be an experience in itself as I have never been there before! I can't wait to be reunited with one of my fave Welshies Gabrielle who happens to be in Newcastle at the moment!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

KL Round 2! Bristol and Swansea

Next stop on The Kingsland Road Show tour was Bristol on Sunday. I was really excited for this particular show as it meant getting to see loads of the girls that I hadn't seen for a while! 

(I love seeing their name on the venue, it makes me so proud!)

After getting ready, we headed to the O2 Academy in Bristol and queued with my Weston girls Char and Emma, who also had VIP for this particular show. We were some of the first in line to meet the boys which I think worked in our favour, as security didn't really rush people through!

The meet and greet was cute, full of lots of swaying hugs as captured by Char :) 

the boys seemed happy to see us, I can't guarantee this will be case by the end of the week haha but it was lovely to see them as always, and to wish them luck for the gig ahead.

After a long wait, we got inside the venue, and it was ridiculously tiny and sweltering hot - far from being my favourite venue!! To warm up the stage before the boys came on, Jake Sims, Canary Swing and Jessica Alice performed. 

(Jake Sims and Joe B Roberts - credit to @helz999)

Both Jake and Canary Swing were incredible again, so much stage energy that really gets the crowd going! I'm so glad that Canary Swing are supporting for most of the tour as they keep getting better and better! 

(Canary Swing/George - credit to @helz999)

They were also joined by a new act called Ellie Rose. As you might be aware, I'm not partial to female singers but I did enjoy her boyband song, about a supposed member she'd been with - several lyrics had the audience gasping and laughing!

Later than the previous show, Kingsland Road came on around 10, where the crowd went completely crazy for them. At this point I'd ended up near the back however it was nice being able to see how much the crowd in front appreciated the music! It's safe to say that so far Shoreline is one of the crowd favourites! The new songs also went down very well, with several of the audience already knowing the songs word perfect. 

(credit - @helz999)

This time, I did start crying at Heaven Knows - it will probably cause me a breakdown by the end of the tour haha! I find both Heaven Knows and Never Too Late to be extremely relevant and expresses the boys' journey so far. Bristol was another amazing show and they had a brilliant reception!  Char has made a fabulous highlights video from the night which you can watch here >
Make sure you subscribe to her channel!

Unfortunately we had to rush off after the gig as we were travelling back to Swansea ready for their visit to The Wave radio early the next day. It was well worth the rush and early wake up call as there was only 8 of us there to greet the boys.  Once again I had a reunion with some of my favourite Welshies including Bekah, Dannii and Kirsten.

There was only three of us there when the boys arrived so we stood sheltered whilst their car was parked. They came over and greeted us with hugs, they looked so tired bless them. I'm tired just following them around on the tour dates, I can't imagine how they must feel having to travel so much as well as performing every night!

The boys went in for their interview and came out around 20 minutes later, where they stopped for a chat and some pictures. I did spend half the time taking the piss out of Thomps and his top knot, although it's starting to grow on me....probably because it's him! It was then time for their tour manager Darren to drive them onto the next station in Reading. Shoutout to Darren though, as he is a really nice tour manager and let's you have time with the boys without rushing until they need to go :)

Next stop is Birmingham, which is today. I'm currently writing this blog on the six hour journey, as I'm being kept awake by loud Irish people who think it's acceptable to shout across the carriage at 3:30am :))))) all going well, we'll fit in two radio stations as well as their gig tonight (and even more exciting than that, I get to be reunited with Em who I think of as my little sister - I'm hoping to introduce her to the boys for the first time, particularly Matt as he's her fave ;) more to come in the next blog!)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️


Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Kingsland Road Show - Round 1!

Last night was the opening night of Kingsland Road's first headline tour! Klanders from far and wide gathered at London's The Borderline for the sold out show, which was a very proud moment for all. Having been at their first ever gig back in February 2013, I was super excited to be there - there is nothing better than watching them perform live as they give their all on every occasion!

Me and mam were lucky to have VIP tickets for the gig, along with Twinny and her sis so we got to meet the boys beforehand. It was a cute little meet and greet, as we got to wish the boys luck! They were nervous ("I'm shitting ten bricks" "that sounds painful...") but were also very excited! As we grouped together for our picture, the hard decision of where to stand was made easy by my fave Thomps who said that I should be next to him obviously...ha! He also started questioning who's phone was being used to take the picture as mine is normally used (and I have an old school Mattson picture on the cover) - mum joked with him about what would happen if I ever changed my phone case, note to self: if I ever do so I will be getting unfollowed apparently lol 

We went to get a good spot to watch the show and had a barrier to lean on which came in handy later on haha. Once everybody was in, the support acts started which were Jake Sims, Futureproof, Canary Swing and Jessica Alice.

I've seen Jake at events such as Soccer Six before but have never heard him sing - I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed his choice of songs but as with every time I've seen him, I kept staring at him as his face could spookily be the double of Aston Merrygold from JLS....

I've seen Futureproof several times before but was particularly impressed by their set last night, they certainly know how to get a crowd going! Canary Swing were next but before discussing them, I have to quickly mention the main support Jessica Alice. The Essex singer performed a few songs, mainly with a rapper with a 'swagtastic' snapback.... I didn't rate them at all - I generally don't like female singers, nor do I believe that they make good support acts for boybands purely because the audience is made up of 99% females.....however one of the choruses has been stuck in my head all day so she clearly did something right, IT'S MY LIFE AND I'M LIVING IT YEAHHHH...

My favourite support act by far was Canary Swing! Having seen them play acoustically a few times, it was completely different seeing them with a full kit - they were even more amazing! They were so energetic and Second Star To The Right is such an anthem!

Finally it was time for The Kingsland Road Show to begin, opening with the incredible Walk Away, which is one of my favourite songs of theirs!

They performed their EP tracks, including Shoreline which got the crowd bouncing! We were also treated to two brand new songs, Misbehave and Got It Coming, both of which were phenomenal! Here's a poor quality video I took haha 

Connor showed the crowd his guitar skills during their new cover of Rude, which was amazing! They also did a new cover of Ed Sheeran's Sing, mixed with a bit of Give Me Love at the beginning which was the first cover they ever posted on YouTube!

Matt also sang My Dog (if you don't know what it is then look it up because you will laugh) and that made half the crowd go berserk as we hadn't heard it for a long time!

The boys ended with How Ya Doin' and Dirty Dancer, making the crowd go crazy - it was a proud moment to see every single person singing their debut single back to them word for word!

The gig ended far too soon for my liking - I never get bored of seeing them perform! They have an amazing stage presence and their strong relationship as a band is clear for everyone to see. Plenty of stage banter, dance moves and phenomenal vocal performances made it a show not to be missed! I'm so proud to see how far they have come, they deserve so much success! Their little speech during Heaven Knows brought tears to my eyes, they are so special and I hope that one day the world will get to see that.

Having clearly lost the plot a few weeks ago, we decided to do all six dates meaning that the next stop is Bristol which is TODAY! Tickets are still available, and there are also some available for Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow (Birmingham is sold out). If you haven't bought tickets yet, then why the hell not?! This is a show not to be missed, I promise that you will enjoy ever minute with those boys! Already got tickets? Let me know where for!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️