Sunday, 23 November 2014

'Once a #tred, always a #tred'

Two years ago today still remains a very special night for me. It was a night of firsts which all surrounded a band called Times Red.

It was the first time I got to meet them, having supported them since the September of that year after their short stint on X Factor.  I've loved X Factor bands since the show began, I always end up supporting someone every year but the love and support I had for Times Red was in a league of it's own. My bank account STILL weeps at how many votes were cast for them during wildcard week haha.

After their exit they announced that they'd be performing in a Cardiff club called Fat Cat. Our first time meeting them would also coincide with our first time "clubbing" in Cardiff haha, although it was more of a chilled place really. It makes me sad how the club has actually closed down now :(

posh hotel, us four and Lukey

Before hand, myself, mum, my friend Sarah and Chuns went for food. It was the first time for us to meet Chuns after speaking on twitter. We had a few hours to spare before the club opened and that's how my first hotel stalking experience occurred!!! With the help of Google Maps and Lukey openly tweeting their location, we made our way to their hotel and hovered in the bar. Me and Sarah being nosy little things, we went to the toilet then went into the lift to have a look around the hotel.  As the doors were closing we looked into the reception area and there stood Scott! Obviously we immediately ran out and thanks to Chuns' ninja skills, she made the first move in speaking to him.

Scott and Lukey

The four of us then spent an hour talking to Scott in the foyer, he was so lovely! Lukey also came down for a while and they certainly made me feel more comfortable about meeting them. He's bonkers in the best way possible! It was amazing being able to speak to them properly before going to the club.

My favourite little weirdo always <3

The club was where we met Staz for the first time, where I managed to excel myself at being embarrassing. I will never forget going to hug him and blurting out "omg you're even more beautiful in real life" (which is true but so unnecessary to say, I wanted the ground to swallow me up there and then!!!)

making a fool of myself in front of Mr Carved by Angels ;)

We got to see them perform live for the first time too, they were incredible. We were also some of the first out of our friendship group to see them live so we were responsible for taking pictures and videos to share with everyone.

Attempting Lukey's famous pose...

What made my year of supporting Times Red as a band special was the fact that they were the first band that knew me on a personal level in terms of knowing my name and recognising me. They were always more than just a band to me and I'm forever thankful for the brilliant experiences I had because of them. Helping to promote them at Clothes Show was the craziest and most precious experience that will always mean a lot to me. They're also responsible for my favourite song of all time which is Patience - have a look for it on YouTube/iTunes! 

Along with all of this came a bunch of amazing people into my life. When the boys split up, we were told that the friendships created because of the boys need to continue. Unfortunately some of the friendships have passed, some of them still exist but only two friendships have grown since then. They know who they are - I speak to them on a daily basis and they're not even friends anymore, they're my family. I got to do some amazing things and visit new places when I supported Times Red but nothing will ever top the fact that they introduced me to some people that changed my life. I know that sounds so bloody dramatic but it's true - they keep me smiling always. I don't say it enough but I'm forever grateful for my Twinny and my sis :)
I would not know these two if it wasn't for those three boys <3

I would do anything to relive the year I had with Times Red before they split - they're well overdue a reunion in my opinion ;)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Biggest Turnaround Award goes to....ME!

A few weeks ago, I went to Rixton's last tour date in Cardiff. For anyone that's known me a long time, you'd never ever ever expect to see me say that, which makes this one of the biggest turnarounds in history!! 

I've known of Rixton ever since they were Relics. I remember seeing some of The Wanted fans tweeting about them and at the time I had enough on my boyband plate and I wasn't interested (oh how I regret this now!!!). 

Fast forward a while, they became Rixton and due to some silly online poll on Celebritain, they were up against Kingsland which caused a lot of agg online and subsequently made me 'hate' them (had to stay loyal to my boys, obvs!!!), especially that lead singer of theirs, cocky so and so ;)

Fast forward to summer 2014 when Me and My Broken Heart started playing on the telly. I resisted for so long but finally caved in and watched it. Within three seconds I was hooked. I loved the song and the video and that day I became a fan. I rambled on about them to Twinny but made sure to mention that I would "never fancy Jake" (the lead singer) because he was a "lots of unnecessary bad words" - ten points to anyone who can guess how I long I kept that up for haha!!!! (Clue: not very long)

Needless to say, when they announced their tour I immediately bought tickets. The gig was in CF10 in Cardiff's Students Union, quite easily the worst venue I've ever been to as the stage was so narrow that the small crowd went back for miles. I was stood at the back and literally barely saw anything for the whole night (caught a glimpse of Jake in a grey jacket at the start which was good enough for me haha!).

However it was a really great gig - they are absolutely brilliant live! Jake has an insane voice and Charley, Danny and Lewi are phenomenal musicians. Their on stage banter was hilarious and you can tell that they are like brothers. They performed a mix of old and new songs as well as some covers. Their cover of Problem by Ariana Grande was one of my favourites, as well as their songs Make Out (check out the hilarious video online) and Wait on Me (available to download now on iTunes!!).

We didn't have VIP tickets so I wanted to hang around afterwards to try and meet them. I don't think I've ever successfully met anyone outside a venue, but after over two hours in the freezing cold and running from one side to the other, we met the boys!

Charley was so lovely, he literally treated everyone as if he knew you already and pulled you in for a big hug. He was my original favourite when I became a fan, and he proved me right by being so awesome!

I made sure I went to Jake next as I was most keen to meet him. He edged his way over and was just as I imagined him to be haha but everyone loves the lead singer right? ;)

Danny was a real cutie as well as Lewi!

It was so nice to see them live and meet them, although it made me feel so stupid for being so stubborn for so long. I ALWAYS cave in when bands are concerned, it's just a shame it took so long for me to fall in love with Rixton as they are brilliant! I really hope I can see them again soon :)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️

Adventure Island

A few weeks ago I went to Adventure Island theme park in Southend, to watch Kingsland perform at the last 'Big Night Out' of this year. This was the first gig as a four piece for me to go to so I was a little bit anxious if I'm honest!

Both myself and mum were lucky enough to win a competition on Facebook which meant that we won free ride bands and meet and greet tickets. We got there early and had a nosy around the place, as it was just after Halloween, all the staff were still in costumes and I was particularly creeped out by a werewolf cleaner lurking around the place haha!

Partners in crime ;)

We got to the barrier with Summer and her friend and watched the boys soundcheck. They probably travelled more than we did that day, as they had a gig in Blackpool the night before and had to use the train like is fangirls (now they've had a taste of how everyone has to travel to see them!).

Once it was time for them to perform, they shook off any travel tiredness and absolutely smashed it on stage! It was so strange seeing them as a four piece and even stranger to hear Jay's bits being sing by Josh or Thomps, but they did a brilliant job. Getting to see them perform on stage is one of my favourite things, I adore their music so much and getting to see them doing what they love on stage makes me happy!

Afterwards we went to the meet and greet. The boys were on top form, having a joke about how we probably tour more than they do (which sounds legit considering that we like a lot of bands and singers!!). Beforehand I was sad knowing that Jay wouldn't be there and I wondered what I would do without my swaying hugs but I didn't need to worry - Thomps seemed to channel Jay by swaying me and subsequently spinning me around which was hilarious to everyone apart from me!!
They know how to make a m&g picture cute ;)
Matt laughing at me :/

It was a cute little gig despite the fact that it's going to take some time getting used to them as a four piece. They're so talented, I never get sick of seeing them perform! This week was my two year klander anniversary which is madness - the same day, they announced their US tour dates! They deserve the world and I'll always be around to support them no matter what.

Two years of madness. Proud of my boys :)

Currently a little bit sad because I don't actually know when I'll be seeing them next which is strange for me, hoping they announce some gigs I can go to or fulfil some of my pledges soon! (However that means this blog will also have a little break from rambling on about them all the time haha!!)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️

Friday, 7 November 2014

"Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean I'll miss you until we meet again"

A week last Monday, I went to Showcase Live in Under The Bridge, Chelsea. I was really excited for this gig as I was looking forward to seeing Kingsland perform in such a brilliant venue. However a few days before, we found out it would actually be Jay's last gig with the band. 
It's taken me so long to write this as I wasn't really sure how to say what I wanted to, I still can't put into words the impact Jay's had on my life, he really is one special lad.

(first and last picture with Jay)

When I found out Jay was leaving, I cried for two days straight. That sounds so silly as he is of no relation to me, nobody had died and he was leaving as he wanted to be happy elsewhere. Nonetheless, I've met Jay countless times, and there's never been a single occasion where he hasn't been more than lovely to me. I spend most of my money on Kingsland and over the past two years I have gotten to know them well. Whilst I'm just a fan, I think the world of them and would do anything for them.  The boys are like brothers and I'm used to them as a five piece, which is why I found it hard when hearing Jay's decision.

Jay is always the one that can make you smile, personally just hearing him say hello in his Wolverhampton accent makes me happy. He is always so appreciative towards the fans, I can't remember a single time where he hasn't thanked me for "coming all this way" when he knows that I wouldn't do it if I didn't love doing so. His hugs are literally out of this world cos he sways you from side to side and you feel really safe when you're with him (soz cringe haha).

Surprise surprise, the night of the gig, my tears kept flowing. As we waited to go into the meet and greet, he came outside to see the fans. All he did was hug me which was enough to start to set me off. Once we went into the meet and greet, I managed a few words at most, grabbed two hugs and smiled for our last group picture with the boys before I burst into tears - his father was on hand to cheer us up, such a lovely man (you can see where Jay gets his kind nature from).
The gig itself was horrendously emotional - most of us cried during Shoreline. SHORELINE. The most upbeat and happy song of theirs, yet we were all messes (most cried during the words "for one last time" whilst I just sobbed every time Jay had a solo as it would be the last time he's sing his parts). It was horrible to see the boys getting emotional on stage too, when they're normally very upbeat. It didn't help that they sang Try and Heaven Knows, both of which make me emotional under normal circumstances!

As soon as their set ended, all the fans flooded outside and it must have been the most mind boggling sight as everyone was sitting on the floor or huddling together crying, it looked as though the world had ended to be honest haha. 

Eventually we got our final goodbyes with Jay, he was ever so precious. I actually managed to say what I wanted to him, whilst casually sobbing on his shoulder, not embarrassing at all ✋ I made sure I had my final hugs, they're going to need to keep me going for a while.

I'm going to miss Jay so much, he was a literal ball of sunshine in the band and was a favourite to everyone even if he wasn't actually their favourite. He always treated everyone so nicely and had time for each person, no matter who you were. I really hope he finds his true happiness, he deserves it for being such a special person. I will always treasure the memories I have with him. Whilst I know it will be a long time before I see him again, I hope that saying goodbye won't be forever.

Hwyl am y tro ✌️