Thursday, 11 June 2015

Summertime Ball 2015

On Saturday it was time for Capital's annual Summertime Ball. This was our fourth year of going and Capital promised to deliver an even more insane line up than ever!


This year we decided to sit, which was a wise move as I felt as if my feet were going to fall off after standing in golden circle last year!!! We still arrived at Wembley quite early to soak in the atmosphere and to speak to some of our friends that were queuing for standing.

After waiting for our friends we went in just before 3 and caught some of Marvin Humes' brilliant DJ set - he always knows how to get the ball party started! 

During the afternoon we saw 21 world class acts - only at Summertime Ball would you find such a combination of people! I won't go through all of the acts but I will mention some of my highlights!

One Direction opened the show and it was my first time seeing them perform. They were so good! I did feel as if something was missing, following Zayn's departure, but I have nothing to compare it to so I enjoyed their set regardless. I'm so excited to see them on their own tour in September and after STB my love for Niall has just grown even further! (side note; Liam Payne should wear a fedora at all times bc he looks so good in it...!)

One Direction - photo credit @helz999 

Lunchmoney Lewis was one of my favourite acts of the day, purely for the fact that he came out in his dressing gown to perform! I imagine he did this to emulate his video for Bills, which is the most annoyingly catchy song I've ever heard!!!

Lunchmoney in his dressing gown!

Jason Derulo was insane as always! He's so energetic and his songs are some of my favourites. He's a brilliant dancer and as per, he ended up with no shirt on by the end of his performance! 

Jason and his peculiar belly button haha :)

My childhood love, Nick Jonas was absolutely amazing! His song Jealous is constantly on repeat on my phone and it was incredible to see him live again after 6 years!

Rixton were one of my main highlights - it's funny actually, they were one of the Ball Breakers last year and I refused to get involved as I didn't like or want to like them at all. Literally a few days after, I regretted that as I was hooked on them. I most definitely made up for it this year by screaming as loudly as possible haha. I was a bit gutted that they didn't get to sing Wait on Me but they were fantastic - I can't wait to get my hands on their album this month! 

Jake from Rixton

Martin Garrix was a surprise hit for me. I wasn't too familiar with his songs beforehand, but he's actually a phenomenal DJ and he's still only 19 I believe! He really got the crowd going, which is difficult for someone who has to stay behind decks. He was also very pretty which helped a bit haha.

One of the people I was most excited for was Nathan Sykes and he definitely did not disappoint! Having stolen the show for me the past two years, he finally performed solo on the Capital stage and smashed his performances of More Than You'll Ever Know and his debut single Kiss Me Quick!  I was so proud of him - he seemed so nervous but I have so much belief in him, he's going to be a superstar.

Nathan Sykes smashing it!

It was my first time seeing Neyo at the ball and whilst it's been a long time coming, it was so worth the wait! He was incredible and has such classic songs. He also came on during Pitbull's set to sing Give Me Everything, whilst Pitbull returned the favour for Time Of Our Lives.

Finally, hands down the best performer of the day was Olly Murs. What a showman!! He has this universal likeable quality, the whole crowd seemed to enjoy his set whether male or female, young or old! His songs are so catchy and there are no words for some of his dance moves, they're enough to make your heart skip a beat (get it??? I'm not funny I know, sorry lol).

We left before the end of Avicii's set to catch the tube and bumped into our friend Nikki and her mum. This actually turned out to be a hilarious encounter as we were stood next to Sonny Jay (ex Loveable Rogue) on the tube and Nikki's mum was chatting away to him as if they were old pals haha!

always wanted to be a minion!

If you haven't been to a STB yet, please do!! There's guaranteed to always be at least one act you like on the line up, and whilst tickets may seem pricey it is actually such good value for money, considering the calibre of acts and the length of the gig! I paid £95 for my ticket but in return I got to witness 21 world famous acts during 7 hours at one of the world's most famous venues! I would 100% recommend it to anyone, I can't wait to go again next year!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️