Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Day Out WIth Britroyal - Take 2!

On Saturday we had our second pledge with the Britroyal twins. The first day out we had with them back in July was so hilarious that I was super excited to see what this day would entail!

Kais and Mazin picked us up from our hotel, and following a change of plan due to crazy traffic and getting lost, they opted to take us to Windsor for the afternoon. The most I remember about Windsor previously was going to Legoland when I was much younger, so I was looking forward to sightseeing the quaint little area.

Windsor Castle
After parking up and grabbing a drink, we decided to go on one of the sightseeing buses around the town. We caught a bus just as it was about to depart and sat in the only four seats left on the top deck as it was such a beautiful day. This was our first mistake as the seats had black crosses on them, meaning the headphone jacks weren't working so we wouldn't be able to hear the running commentary.

selfie with the beefeater!

However, we decided to just wing it and enjoy the beautiful sights as we went along, knowing that we could come aboard the bus again later in the day. The tour took an hour and we passed through sights such as Eton College, though we were lucky to make it out alive to tell the tale!!!  Unbeknown to us, had our headphone sockets been working, we would have known that all passengers had been given a warning about low trees. Yet here we were, sat on the left side of the top deck, travelling quite fast down country roads and being scared half to death by branches! We were travelling at what felt like Grand Prix speed, so much so that mum actually took out half a tree on the way around! (I did carry the branch around with me for a while as a funny memento but then mum left it on a café table :( I wasn't impressed!!!).

Whilst we had to make up the commentary as we went along, we decided to put my selfie stick to good use to get some pictures along the way. An hour of laughter later, we arrived back at the area where we boarded and stepped off in search for a café.

On our way we came across a museum - after our last escapade in London with the music museum, the whole thing has become a running joke so we most definitely had to wander in. We were limited to the bottom floor as there was a wedding upstairs but the curator was very friendly and amongst other facts, informed us that Prince Charles and Camilla got married here. Mum was the butt of all jokes all day long (I won't go into detail to embarrass her further lol) but it involved a man, which led to Kais and Mazin asking if they did weddings for anybody in the museum, even discussing costs with the curator and making her fetch a brochure for us. I'd like to think that I matched the twins on their banter all day, but they were too funny to keep up with at times!

excited faces all round!
We then found a café and had a sit down as the jokes continued. Kais and Mazin are always so friendly, it didn't feel like a pledge at all as the conversation and laughter wasn't forced.

We spotted another bus that appeared to be empty so decided to go round again on the tour. This time we sat on the right hand side where the headphones worked (first announcement: be aware of low branches....). We took more selfies to pass the time before the bus set off, as well as waving at all the other tourists that were taking pictures of the bus.  I felt as if I was on a school trip haha! We went a slightly different route this time, and actually heard what was being said as we went around. I found it quite interesting and it made a change for me to be having a bit of culture injected into my life - despite the numerous towns we've visited over the past few years, we never have time to do anything touristy.

After the bus tour came to an end. we hopped back into the car and headed to Bracknell for supper. Frankie and Benny's was the dining destination of choice and we continued our jokes over food.  We had a Portuguese waiter called Ricardo who was quite hysterical, I can just picture him now recommending puddings and acquainting himself as our friend. Four food comas later, we were ready to leave and sadly end the day.  Kais and Mazin drove us back to our hotel, and we parted ways after another hilarious day.  

how we felt when the day came to an end :(
They are such lovely people, spending the day with them is always so pleasant as they are so nice. The laughter never stops and I always appreciate the memories we make.  Unfortunately we don't have any more personal pledges left with them so until they start gigging, I don't know when we'll get to see them again.  Hopefully it won't be too long, I need more of their posh banter in my life!!!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️