Sunday, 19 October 2014


A week ago I went to the latest Kingsland Social in Birmingham! 4 hours of bingo, quizzes, selfies and laughs awaited us as I got to be reunited with my little sis Em as well as Char, Chuns and lots of the other klanders.

(My beautiful little sis, I was supposed to be looking after her yet left her stranded at the train station for over half an hour oops!!)

(The fabulous Char, I ship Cosh loads ;) oh yessss)

First thing we did was take part in a quiz about the boys. We teamed up with four other klanders and named ourselves "Thompson's Topknot" haha! Some of the questions were soooo difficult, for example name all 7 people that have been tour managers for them (we managed 5).  The only section we did really well in was the picture round but we had a great laugh working together to try and answer the questions and waited for the results.

(Team selfie whilst we waited for Josh)

They were naming the teams in reverse order and they got to first place and our name still hadn't been called out. We genuinely thought they'd lost our paper but it turns out that we won!! I was proper buzzing because I thought we'd done crap - Josh came over and gave us our prize of Kingsland t-shirts and a massive ball of Lindt chocolates.

After several games of bingo it was time to meet the boys again. We made Josh blush by complimenting him on how good he smells and by stroking his beard haha.

Thomps was his usual self and I had the opportunity to test out my new camera!

(I asked for a cute photo and he succeeded)

Matt was a cutie and it's always my favourite thing seeing him and Emily together #memily ;) 

(Selfie king woop!)

(I had to include a Memily pic, two of my favourite people ever - how I wish I could get adorable pictures like this with my faves!!!)

Jay was totally adorable, his hugs are always my fave as he sways from side to side. He was pleased we won the quiz and wasn't surprised apparently haha!

It was then time for group pictures and half of team Topknot went together :) Jay made a comment to me whilst we waited which made me laugh, it's surprising the things band members pick up on...!

Unfortunately I didn't get to see Connor much as he spent half the time on the karaoke machine but I got a lovely cwtch after our group picture.

Sadly it was time for Em to go, and me and mum left early too as we had to head back to London as we were seeing Daughtry in Camden, Char came on the train with us too. We had such a fun afternoon and laughed ridiculous amounts, who knew people and telephone calls could be so funny? ;) gutted that I won't get to see Em until December now at our annual stalk session aka Clothes Show Live haha, and it's been so good to see the boys with Char the past few times!

(One of my favourite people in existence aw)

As I write this, I'm currently buzzing for the Big Reunion Boyband Tour - I have front row meet and greet tickets for tomorrow's show in Cardiff!!! Can't wait to relive my childhood, it's going to be brilliant! :)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️