Tuesday, 28 October 2014

7 boybands and me.

On Monday I went to the Big Reunion Boyband Tour in Cardiff, one of the concerts I've been most excited about all year!! Featuring 90's faves a1, 911, Blue, Damage, 3T, Five and Fifth Story (made up of Dane Bowers, Kavana, Gareth Gates, Kenzie and Adam Rickitt), it was a chance for me to completely re-live my childhood! I was most excited about seeing a1, as they were part of the first concert I ever went to at eight years old and I haven't seen them live for over 15 years!

Me and mum were lucky to have VIP tickets which included a meet and greet with the acts, which was an overwhelmingly brilliant experience. There was no guarantee who would be there but on the whole I was ecstatic! As we entered the room we were greeted by a signing table with eleven band members which was both bizarre and a dream come true! We met Lee and Antony from Blue, Jimmy from 911,  Taj from 3T, Sean, Scott and Ritchie from Five, Ben and Christian from a1 and Andrez and Rahsaan from Damage. 

I managed to ramble to every single band member on the table, to the point where Andrez thought I'd been on the wine before coming....! ("Nooo I'm just excited omg!!!!!"). The most I managed to ramble was to Ben and Christian from a1, and I barely stopped for breath as I explained that I'd waited 15 years to meet them and that they were at the first concert I ever went to and that when Ben had a solo career I won a stereo signed by him on CBBC (yes, I felt the need to tell them all of this, they were very very lovely in return so it's fine haha!)

As we went round the corner to the picture area I was praying that Mark from a1 would be there as he is my favourite member, to my elation he was! The picture section was a but of a blur as I was so intent on getting to Mark! I quickly hugged Duncan from Blue before pointing that I was going to the end of the line (accidentally walked past Simon from Blue as well as everyone in the middle, of whom I wasn't even certain had been there until I looked back at the picture haha!). As soon as I got to Mark, I hugged him and just said "I've waited 15 years for this" and some of the other lads were making a fuss haha, Mark was so sweet and made room for me next to him in the picture. At that point, TJ Jackson was stroking my back to calm me down because I was so hyped, AN ACTUAL JACKSON I JUST :O I also hugged Lee from 911 on the way out (nearly missed him as he is literally TINY and I was so flustered haha).

(Simon and Duncan from Blue, Taryll from 3T, Noel and Jade from Damage, Mark from a1, TJ from 3T and Lee from 911).

After having food it was time for the gig and we had front row seats for it! I was so excited for it and I wasn't disappointed at all! 

a1 opened the show, singing Take On Me and Caught in the Middle. They were incredible, busting some boyband moves and I got stage love from the boys which made me happy! I really hope that they will do their own tour as they really are phenomenal!

Five, now a three piece, went down well despite another member leaving this year. All their old classics got the crowd going!

911 are one of my favourites to watch purely because it amazes me how agile Spike and Jimmy still are haha, I wasn't particularly a fan when I was younger but Bodyshakin' is my favourite!

3T had one of the best receptions all night, no surprise considering they are the nephews of the late great Michael Jackson. I wasn't very familiar with their music but it got me very emotional, especially when they played a tribute to Michael on the screen.

(photo by @helz999)

Damage were really good, but again I wasn't particularly familiar with their music as I wasn't really a fan when I was a kid but nonetheless they were amazing!

Blue were incredible as always, such good showmen! It really made me crave for another tour, as their solo tour last year was one of the best shows I've seen!

(Photo by @helz999)

Last but not least, Fifth Story. They were one of my highlights as they performed the most notable song of each member's career. They sang Freak Me by Dane, which is one of my favourite songs and his voice was so on point! Kavana did I Can Make You Feel Good which got everyone going, whilst Kenzie did a medley of Flip Reverse and Crossroads which made my inner 12 year old come out as Blazin Squad were one of my original faves back in the day! The best crowd reaction went to Adam's Breathe Again, everyone went mental! Gareth got the honour of closing the show with Spirit in the Sky which was brilliant.

(Kenzie and Dane, two of my faves!)

I wish I could relive the night as it made me so happy! Going to gigs always puts a smile on my face but this was something else - 90's music was so different to now but never gets old and always gives you that feel good factor!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️