Friday, 19 December 2014

Tonight we're gonna live for these days!

Recently Radio 2 and the red button on BBC broadcasted a special concert that Take That filmed at the BBC theatre a few weeks ago. Myself and mum were lucky enough to win tickets to this gig and it was the start of a very momentous weekend for us!

When we won the tickets, it stated that entry would be first come first served, so knowing how some fans like to camp out, we decided to queue at 8am to get a decent spot. To our bemusement there were only two ladies in front of us (that had been there since 3am!!!) meaning that we were third and fourth in the queue.

It was a strange day altogether as we started to queue outside in the cold, the security couldn't believe how early we'd arrived and told us that we could queue inside the BBC media centre cafe. After the arrival of a few more people, we started a number system which the security actually listened to! We had such a nice afternoon queuing indoors, with food, drink and toilets at hand and once our tickets were validated we were told that we would definitely be let in to the theatre in number order.

Once the doors opened, we excitedly ran to the front and all got a spot on the barrier, myself and mum placing ourself right in the centre where Gary would be standing.

After nearly 12 hours of queuing all day, the show finally started and I genuinely couldn't believe how close we were to Take That! We've been to their shows before but never been anywhere near the front (I have been fourth row at a Gary concert once and it took all my strength not to cry through the first half, so I'm not sure how I managed to keep calm during this concert!). It was such an incredible experience to be one of 400 people in this tiny room with Take That, when over 268,000 people had applied for tickets!

It's always my favourite thing to see the fans getting so involved, hearing lyrics being sung back to the band and everyone joining in with some of their famous moves always gives me goosebumps! Mark was as fun as I imagined, participating a lot with the crowd. Howard was just so striking in real life, he's so beautiful!! As for Gary, well I was just in awe. He is an incredible man, my idol and to be so close was just a dream!

Luckily for us, the next day we had tickets for their signing which meant we would finally get to meet them after all this time. Signings are known for being a bit rushed sometimes so we also took our chance and went to try and meet them at Radio 2 early on signing day.

This is where my dreams came true and I first met Gary. It is still the most surreal thing in the world being able to say that!! I wouldn't have had a picture if it wasn't for mum asking him, I was literally rendered speechless as soon as he stood in front of me and the second he walked away I looked at my picture and cried haha (happy tears of course!).

Later that afternoon we headed to HMV to meet the whole band. To our surprise, it was brilliantly organised, each member standing with an individual podium next to them ready for signing our album, whilst a member of staff took pictures for you.

It didn't feel rushed at all! Mark was very friendly and we spoke about the gig from the night before. Howard was really nice and again ever so striking in real life! This time I also managed to speak a little to Gary and made the most of the photo opportunity by getting a Barlow hug ;-)

I was so overwhelmed, it was a brilliant day where all my dreams came true. Never in a million years did I think I would get to meet them - having been a fan for over 15 years, it's been a long old wait but worth every second!

I'd like to believe that I can reassure people who haven't met their faves yet that it will happen one day - never give up hope!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️