Monday, 18 May 2015

Jamie Scott - the kid from the UK!

On Saturday we went to two gigs - another Foxy Presents in Camden (despite vowing to never go to another event ha) and Take That in Birmingham! I also remember saying a few weeks ago that I would never go to two gigs in the same day again but we took a risk and it paid off as we had one of the best days in ages!

This post is going to focus solely on Jamie Scott (or Jay as I will always call him soz) and his Camden gig. Seeing him perform live really was a case of third time lucky - we missed his first gig in Birmingham because his set times were changed whilst we were trying to meet Nathan Sykes, and he had to pull out of his second gig at the last minute. After deciding last minute to go to London, I was really excited about finally seeing him perform on his own!

We got to see him a bit before he performed. I went to the shop across the road to get money out and he happened to be going in at the same time so we had a nice chat in there haha. We also had this picture taken inside, #squadlife.

squad goals ;-)

Thankfully, this Foxy gig was well organised and ran to time as Jay was on at 4pm and we needed to leave at half past in order to go back to Birmingham. He came on and started with B-B-B-B-Bounce (which is now firmly imprinted in my brain, I keep singing it all the time!) then did a cover of Clean Bandit's Rather Be which is one of my favourite songs.

Next he performed another cover, this time Rihanna's Talk That Talk (i've legit never heard the song before but I was reliably informed that this was the song haha).  I filmed this cover - despite never hearing it before, I really enjoyed it!

Jay's next song was called Dancing With Darkness and he got four fans up on stage to sing and dance with him.  I really like this song - it's so catchy and Jay really goes for it with the dance moves! Finally, he sang another original called In My Thoughts - this is such a good song and you can hear it on Soundcloud.

(Dancing with Darkness)

We got to speak to Jay quickly after his set and congratulated him on his set.  Unfortunately we had to rush off to catch the train back to Birmingham for Take That but I was so glad that we made the trip to London and finally saw him perform on his own for the first time.  It was well worth the wait - he is so energetic and brings something new to the table compared to most male artists these days.  I really hope he is successful as a solo artist, he deserves it.

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Hwyl am y tro ✌️