Monday, 6 July 2015

A Day Out With Britroyal....

On Saturday, my mum and I spent the day in London with Kais and Mazin, also known as twin singing duo Britroyal.  Mum has been a fan of the pair for a long time now and subsequently influenced me to listen to their music.  They already have an EP out called Unfinished which is brilliant and we have seen them perform live twice before.  When they announced that they would be releasing an album through Pledge Music, mum in particular was obviously very keen to pre-order the album as well as some exclusives.  One of those pledges was a day out in London so I bought it for her as a birthday present late last year and after months of mum becoming increasingly excited, it was finally time for her to have her day with the boys on Saturday.

excited faces!!!

Kais and Mazin came to meet us at our hotel in the morning as they were dropping off a signed guitar that mum had pledged for.  They were so sweet and gave us a box of chocolates and a lovely card too, as well as a plectrum to play the guitar with and a stand to display it on.  The guitar is beautiful and I’ve already had a few goes on it (using my vast knowledge from that one guitar lesson I had with JJ back in January haha!!). 

After chatting in the hotel for a bit, Mazin told us the basic plan for the day and the first stop was the Royal Academy of Music museum before seeing Wicked the musical in the afternoon.  We headed for the tube station and took a seat as we made our way to Liverpool Street.  We passed the time chatting and laughing – a common theme throughout the day, there was never once any awkward silences, just plenty of life stories and laughter!  Kais and Mazin are actually hilarious, one of the running jokes throughout the day was a story from when they’d been moving house a few days before.  Mazin was carrying headboards and managed to fall down the stairs.  Mazin kept doing an impression of what Kais said to him as he sat crumpled at the bottom of the stairs “Get up, we don’t have time for this!” which made me hysterical (to me, they have very posh accents which made it all the funnier!)

After getting a bit lost underground (our tube leader Mazin was slacking ;) haha) we eventually made it to Baker Street, and following a short walk we arrived at the museum.  It was on the verge of opening properly for the day so to start with we had a look at the things downstairs.  I had to laugh, not that I make a habit of going to museums but from what I gather you are supposed to remain quite silent however we were all chatting so much that we kept getting dirty looks from the curator!! Once we were allowed upstairs, we had a quick look at the string section followed by the pianos.  Kais was straight in there tinkling the ivories which led to the curator giving him a row!! The curator showed us some of the pianos, in particular a six pedal piano which was quite cool.  We chatted with her for a bit before leaving to find something to eat.

We headed for Victoria and made a detour past the Apollo Victoria theatre to collect our tickets for Wicked.  We had a pre-theatre snack in Wetherspoons (I can picture the boys doing an impression of Min, who would be horrified that they took us to a Wetherspoons haha!) then it was time to go and see the show.

I was really excited about seeing Wicked! Despite having seen it once before many years ago, I didn't really remember much of it so I was looking forward to seeing it again.  I had to control myself SO much when they sang Popular and Defying Gravity - they are my favourite songs from the show and I know them word for word.  The temptation to stand up and belt the songs out was too much, mum had to elbow me a few times to be quiet haha.  It really is a phenomenal show - such a talented cast! It's no wonder that it's one of the most popular shows in the West End.  There were plenty of laugh-out-loud and emotional moments as well as a nice little happy ending!

show selfie!

After the show we went to a bar in Leicester Square for a drink before going to Chiquitos for supper. The food was sooooo good!  I also got to thank them for this blog.  Back over a year ago now, Kais suggested that I write a blog about all of our musical trips and here I am still boring everyone with my adventures ;) now you know who's to blame for my blogging haha. It does make me smile when people read my ramblings but most importantly it will always be like a memory box for me however I hope that this particular blog post goes down well with the twins!!

It was over supper that we also got to have a sneak peak of the new album!!! Mum was beside herself at getting a listen to the mixes!  The songs that I got to listen to were really good, some were so anthemic and definitely made me even more excited about hearing the album in full once it's released. They've worked so hard on creating this album and I really hope that people get behind them and pledge for this little slice of brilliance.

Piccadilly Circus at night

Feeling fit to burst we took a walk around Leicester Square onto Piccadilly Circus, one of my favourite places in London.  We took loads of pictures once we reached Piccadilly Circus and Kais and Mazin kept joking around and doing impressions.  I was practically keeled over with laughter, it was just too funny.  They're such nice people and they made the day so easy and relaxed.  To finish off our brilliant day, we headed back to Leicester Square for some ice cream and people watching. 

us and Kais

group selfie

us and Mazin

my favourite picture of the day lol!

I felt quite sad as we parted as we'd had the most amazing day.  Over the years we've had some of the most brilliant experiences with our faves but this was above and beyond everything.  It was just so relaxed and full of fun and worth every penny pledged.  I've genuinely never laughed so much in my life, I can't thank Kais and Mazin enough for treating us like royalty and for an ultimately marvellous day.

Please support this amazing band by pledging for their album here.  I promise you it's well worth the money!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️