Sunday, 12 June 2016

10 of my favourite Summertime Ball performances

On Saturday, I went to the Capital Summertime Ball with mum and David. This was my fifth time going and it was just as incredible as usual! The day had its one downer (Zayn cancelled, sob) but aside from that, I sang, I jumped about, I fangirled, I laughed and generally had the best time with the best company.

Nick Jonas Appreciation Society ;)

I wrote a review about the gig on CelebMix, which you can read HERE. I wanted to blog about it too so instead of boring you with a repeated ramble about the day, I thought I would share 10 of my favourite performances with you!

10. and Lydia Lucy - 'Boys and Girls'

Seeing Lydia Lucy on stage with was a super proud moment. I've been a fan of Lydia for a few years, since I supported her brother Luke in a band called Times Red. She's got an incredible voice and recently reached the finals of The Voice UK under Will's mentoring. The song is so catchy too and they make a perfect partnership. (From 9.42)

9. Nathan Sykes and Louisa Johnson - 'Over and Over Again'

'Over and Over Again' is one of my favourite songs and it sounded absolutely beautiful in Wembley. Nathan brought Louisa onto the stage for a duet this time, and they sounded so lovely together. Maybe they'll consider dueting again in the future?


8. Little Mix - 'Hair'

Little Mix opened this year's show, and in all honesty I couldn't think of anyone better to do so as they always put on a great production. 'Hair' is one of my favourite songs right now, and I chose this as one of my favourite performances thanks to all the sass, slaying and the fierce dance break down.

7. Years and Years - 'Desire'

Years and Years are incredible live and this was my first time hearing 'Desire' in person. Olly is a great front man, and I loved all the dance sequences too.

6. Craig David - 'Rewind'

It was so hard to pick a favourite song from Craig's performance, but honestly he was just all-round superb. He was so humble and blown away by the reception he received (look at the video thumbnail!) but I don't know why though as he is the king of childhood throwbacks. I can't wait to see him at Fusion too!

5. Dizzee Rascal - 'Bonkers'

Dizzee was a surprise act and I have no shame in admitting that I screamed SO. LOUD. I was buzzing, I love Dizzee and the fact that he sang 'Bonkers' made my night!

4. MNEK and Zara Larsson - 'Never Forget You'

This was one of my favourite duets of the day. 'Never Forget You' is such a gorgeous song, and both MNEK and Zara served us some glorious vocals. Zara, in particular, impressed me throughout the day (she also got to sing 'Lush Life' and 'Girls Like' with Tinie Tempah) as she's got all the ingredients to be the next pop princess.

3. Lukas Graham - '7 Years'

This performance was one of those goosebump inducing moments. '7 Years' is such a sing-along song so that in itself was quite moving, but what really stood out for me was Lukas, the lead singer. He came on stage all casual, and he was one of the most humble people ever. It genuinely meant so much for him to be stood on that stage and it seriously warmed my heart.

 2. Nick Jonas - 'Jealous'

Nick returned to the Ball this year, after performing 'Jealous' as a 'breaker' last year. This time, he got to do three songs, and the change in reaction to 'Jealous' was absolutely remarkable. There's a bit in the video below where Nick leans the microphone into the crowd for them to sing, and his face makes me want to cry happy tears. He looks SO overwhelmed, it melted my heart on the day and continues to do so every time I watch it back. He was so grateful to be there and the crowd reaction truly moved him.

1. Sigala featuring John Newman - 'Give Me Your Love'

Anyone who knows me well will not be surprised to see this at number one. I was praying that this collab would happen at STB and it did and I lost every ounce of chill I've ever owned. I saw on Twitter beforehand that John would be at the Ball, but I was still anxious until he came on stage. As soon as the intro to 'Give Me Your Love' started playing, I was on edge. Someone said 'Introducing.....' and all of a sudden he popped up from below the stage and I screamed so loud that I missed the first ten seconds of the performance LOL. I shook David's arm until it nearly fell off, and jumped out of my seat so quickly, so embarrassing. Genuinely, as much as I call myself a 'fangirl', I've never been a hysterical mess (much lol) but John makes me weak. He is hands down my favourite male performer and it made me beam with pride to see him have 80,000 people at Wembley in the palm of his hand. He's so underrated it hurts - seeing him get a chance to perform on that stage yesterday was so special. John is bae, thus John is number one.

Did you go to Summertime Ball? Let me know who your faves were!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️