Monday, 30 June 2014

Drag Queens, Technicolour Coats and Dirty Dancing ✌️

On Saturday, I went to Swansea Pride with mum, Gabrielle and Bekah as Kingsland Road were one of the performers. I hadn't seen the girls for a while so it was so nice to catch up and see some of our favourite boys!

The fact that the gig was less than an hour away from me was a novel concept - I'm used to travelling 4-6 hours one way to see Kingsland so to have a 'doorstep' gig was a nice change! It was weird though, as I knew some people there and I didn't like that, I don't like fangirling in front of people I know in real life! (away from bands etc haha)

We got there early and to my surprise it was a really small venue, and wasn't particularly busy! We watched several acts whilst waiting for the boys to arrive, including an 'angel' with insane hair and huge wings, as well as at least half a dozen drag queens (some of which performed some epic songs that I haven't heard in years, such as Vanessa Amorosi's Absolutely Everybody - YouTube it!!)

The boys had tweeted to say when they were roughly arriving so we waited by the fence where the cars came in. The boys waved and went into one of the porta-cabins, and after hanging around a bit longer, Thomps emerged and came to see us!

He spent around 15 minutes chatting with us, he's a little shit at times but is undeniably my favourite person in the world! We had a lot of laughs and he took photos with all of us!

Thomps nailing the flamingo pose...

Me nailing Thomps' pose (well, trying to haha!) - I hate it when he does this pose and I always ask him for smiling selfies cos his smile is my fave but I thought I'd change it up a bit...

Connor, Josh and Matt also came out to see us. Connor was particularly hilarious, singing along to one of the stage performers that was singing Any Dream Will Do from Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat! I will always think of him whenever I hear that song now :)

Connor demanded that we changed the filter....
Selfies with Matt...

Piccies with Josh!

Finally it was time for them to perform, and boy was it worth the wait! (particularly after having to stand through an 8-song Lady Gaga impersonator, in which we spent more time laughing at the sign language lady who had no idea what she was doing lol!)

Kingsland performed Walk Away, Shoreline (plus a short acoustic version of End of Time whilst sound issues were dealt with), Burn and their debut single Dirty Dancer! It was the first time I'd heard Dirty Dancer live, and it sounds epic! Check out this video, courtesy of my mam @helz999

All in all, it was a strangely entertaining day, and was lovely to see some of my favourite boys and girls again!

The lyric video for Dirty Dancer is now on YouTube, check it out here: 
Dirty Dancer is also available to preorder on iTunes now! 79p and released on August 10th:

Hwyl am y tro ✌️