Saturday, 14 March 2015

Album Signing Party

On Sunday we went to London for Kingsland's album launch signing party! It was finally time for us to grab a copy of the album a week before anyone else.

It was amazing to be a part of this day with the boys and I got to spend it with so many of my friends in the fanbase. 

#SquadGoals ;-) 

Firstly they did a little signing, where they squiggled their autograph on everyone's cd's and t-shirts. This was quite quick but we got to speak to the boys briefly. I remember telling Con that we'd already read the insert whilst queuing, their thank you page is so cute!

favourite boys always :)

Next we queued up for group pictures. This took far longer than the signing but we amused ourselves by taking selfies and singing along to the album which was playing in the background. The album is so good that I kept singing really loudly along with it even though I am tone deaf so again I apologise to the people I was with haha! I also made everyone shut up when "my line" came on haha, serious appreciation for the "through the window..." line in Girl With No Name which needs to be sung as loud as physically possible of course ;-)

I took pictures for a few people and then I had my turn with the boys which was awkwardly funny, having hugs whilst Thomps shouts at mum to capture the moment lol! At the end we also got individual pictures with the boys which was cute!

My favourite fellow Thomps girl and our main man 

I had so much fun that day with all the girls and I can't believe that I now own a copy of Kingsland's album, it's bizarre! I spent most of the train journey home listening to it, replaying Freedom and Girl With No Name countless times!

some of my faves :)

I'm sat writing this on the train to Newcastle for their second tour date (I will blog about Manchester's opening night later) and I'm really excited for it! The album also comes out tonight at midnight eep!!! 

Hwyl am y tro ✌️