Sunday, 15 March 2015

Kingsland Road "We Are The Young" album review!

Today's the day that most klanders have been waiting for - Kingsland's debut album 'We Are The Young' has been released!! I thought I'd share my totally unbiased* opinion on the album tracks..... (*anyone that knows me will already know what my favourite song is and I will almost definitely try and make it to be yours too haha)

1. We Are The Young
The album opens with the anthemic We Are The Young, which carries the message to let us live our own lives, make our own mistakes and not to let anyone tell you that you can't do something. The lyrics really hit home and I've got to comment on Matt's vocals in particular as they are flawless!

2. Misbehave
If you went to any of the lads' summer shows then this song will be familiar to you. If you really listen to the lyrics then you'll never quite sing along to it in the same way again but it's such a good song and great for dancing to on tour!

3. Dirty Dancer
This was the boys' first single and for that reason alone it will always be a special song!

4. Freedom
This is so close to being my favourite song on the album! Again it's one of those anthemic songs that's great to sing along to. From the tweets I've seen on my timeline this is definitely the new fan favourite! 

5. Girl With No Name
MY. FAVOURITE. SONG. This song has a special place in my heart as it was the song we heard them record during our studio pledge and it's been stuck in my head ever since. One of the reasons why I love it so much is because of one line near the end of the song which goes "Through the window she could see that the picture he painted was not what she'd seen ohhhh, in the spotlight holding back the tears" (still unsure of the exact lyric in the middle, have a listen). LEGIT MY FAVE LINE OFF THE WHOLE ALBUM (props to Con and Josh for doing an amazing job of it) I'm obsessed with it and keep telling everyone which is really annoying sorry but it's just epic!!

6. Never Too Late
I love this song, the lyrics are relevant not only to the boys but to anyone that listens to the song - never give up 'you started out with nothing, you held on to that something, and it's a long way from the top but your success will break your fall'. 

7. Shoreline
Actual jam! You can't listen to this without smiling and cracking a dance move or ten, it reminds me of the summer and never fails to make me happy!

8. He's Got It Coming
Great song which now has an added Connor rap which is absolutely brilliant! 

9. Heaven Knows
This song always makes me emosh but I'm so glad to finally have a studio version of it! 

10. Walk Away
I automatically think of the boys doing this water spit thing when I hear this song haha! Thomps is my favourite vocalist on this song, the 'girl the games that you play, it's time for a change, change, chaaaaaange' bit is my favourite!

11. Dirty Dancer remix 
This just makes you want to get up and dance like mad!


It is also available to download on Amazon, where you can also purchase a physical copy, not forgetting the fact that it will be available to buy from HMV from tomorrow!!! 

They deserve to have success, nothing would make me happier to see them do well. Their album is incredible, so please get behind them!