Friday, 6 March 2015

For The First Time (sort of...)

Last Saturday we went to Sheffield to see The Script. We've always liked The Script's music but have only ever seen them perform a short set (during last year's Jingle Bell Ball) so I was excited to finally see them for a whole show.

We arrived at the Motorpoint Arena (I felt like I was betraying our little Motorpoint in Cardiff haha) and went to our seats on the second level. Considering they were bought late in the day when they went on sale, we had a really good spot.

Tinie Tempah was the support act (as Labrinth had pulled out a few days before the tour started) and he was amazing. We've seen him a few times before at T4 on the Beach and he always manages to get the crowd going. I do enjoy going to gigs where the main artist can have known support acts - I've stood through so many awful people over the years, so it was nice to have a support act that I loved!

Then it was time for The Script! Their opening was stunning - the VT showed them backstage preparing to come on and once they came out, they appeared with an army of fan competition winners bearing flags which glowed green like light sabres. Their opening song was Paint The Town Green, which is quite literally what they did!

I was pleasantly surprised at how many old songs they included in the setlist - For The First Time and Six Degrees of Separation being particular favourites of mine. They also performed a slightly more stripped back set on the B stage so that people at the back of the arena could see them better!

There was plenty of banter on stage as Danny and Glen downed a bottle of beer, as well as an awkward phone call to somebody's ex in which The Script and the entire arena sang Nothing down the phone to them!

There was also a moment where Danny noticed that a girl was unwell in the crowd and got security to pull her out. He would not carry on performing until she was safe and he even went down from the stage to give her a hug and to make sure she was okay, how lovely!

Their set was incredible, they literally gave everything they had on that stage. Their songs are so anthemic and it was nice just to great to finally watch them do a whole set. They're definitely someone I would go and watch again!

I'm currently sat on the train to London, no prizes for guessing who I'm going to see's Kingsland's album launch party/social/signing (whatever you want to call it) and I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'm super excited to get a copy of the album tomorrow!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️