Friday, 3 April 2015

#WATY Tour

Sadly Kingsland's We Are The Young tour finished a few weeks ago but I was looking through my pictures earlier and thought that now was as good a time as any to write about one of the most amazing weeks of my life! (Apologies in advance for the length of this post).

Kingsland's tour took them across England, to some of my favourite places like London and Birmingham, to places I've never been before such as Norwich. We had so much fun doing all the tour dates last August that we decided to do all six again this time!


First stop on the tour was Manchester! I was really excited for the first date as it meant I got to see some of my favourite people as well as the boys. A few of the girls were staying in the same hotel as us so we headed over to the venue together in time for meet and greet.

Josh, Con and Thomps

The boys were in good spirits and it was great to see them before their opening show. It was a different m&g to normal as it consisted of selfies instead of group pictures, which was great however we didn't manage to see Matt at that time.

four of my faves; Rach, Dannii, Jo and Chelle

Before the boys came on, we watched the support acts - Avenue, The Last Carnival and Vanquish. I enjoyed Avenue's set and by the end of the week I could sing along to his songs! The Last Carnival were a rock band, which isn't normally my cup of tea but again by the end of the week their songs were stuck in my head! (Me and Rach met their drummer Adam outside and he was very nice, whilst one of the other lads looked identical to someone I know and it was all I could think about every time I looked at him lol). Vanquish weren't my cup of tea unfortunately, however I liked their choice of covers and even their original songs were catchy by the end!

Jo and Dannii

Finally it was time for the boys! They opened with Girl With No Name and from hearing the first note, me and Rach just went mental! All the girls sang along as loud as possible and as my favourite line approached I kept shouting "it's coming, it's coming" loool (something that happened throughout the week oops) but it was SO GOOD LIVE!!!! Hearing it just made me love the line even more - Con and Josh just nail it.

fab four ;-)

The set was over before we know it! The boys performed their covers of Photograph and Uptown Funk (featuring the best thrusting you'll have ever seen ;-) lol!) as well as all but one song from the album. We sang and danced along and I felt so proud watching them - they've come so far from the first time I saw them live over two years ago!

Outside the venue we waited for the boys to come out and we got our selfie with Matt. The boys went back in as they were attending the after party at the venue - Thomps and Con thought it was hilarious to swear at us through the window, before coming back down to see everyone.


Myself, Dannii, Rach and Nikki went to the after party and whilst I spent my time there repeating 'I've never felt so awkward in all my life' every other minute, looking back at it now it was actually a really funny night.


The next tour date was Newcastle, where me and mum were reunited with fellow mother and daughter duos Helen & Rhiannon and Jayne & Sam. 

me and mum with Rhiannon and Helen

This tour date was one of my favourites as we had pledged for dressing room m&g. Out of all our pledges, this was by far one of the best and had I known how good it was I would have bought it for another date too! 

selfies with the boys

cos we're too damn pretty ;-)

Only me and mum had pledged for Newcastle so we got to spend 30 minutes with the boys backstage and it was really nice just to chill and chat with them. I was a bit anxious beforehand but it was so relaxed! Connor gave me a drink despite questioning if I was old enough, to which I replied 'I'm f*cking older than you pal' lol (he's a terrible wind up merchant after a drink).  We chatted about tour, life at home and then took plenty of selfies (mainly Con leaving selfies on my phone lol).  I also proper fangirled to Josh over Girl With No Name haha and he gave me a knowing look during his solo in the gig.

me and Nikki


The third date was Norwich which involved catching a five hour train from Newcastle at 7am on a Sunday !!! On our travels we saw somebody tweet the boys saying that the album was already in HMV so as soon as we arrived, we trekked into the town centre to try and find a copy!  Luckily we got our hands on the last copy in the shop.

soz very excited faces!

Norwich was one of those nights that will stick in my mind forever, Unfortunately it was the smallest crowd of the week (no surprise really, where the f*ck even is Norwich?!) but the boys played up to the small crowd wonderfully.  I had no idea what was going on half the time - some of the boys literally crawled on stage for their entrance which set the tone for the rest of night but it was so funny and enjoyable.  This was the first night where we experienced tour from the front row and the boys (Thomps in particular) gave mum the best Mother's Day present in form of a lovely shoutout on stage.

front row girls!

They encouraged fans to stage invade during Dirty Dancer and Matt was passing his microphone round the crowd so I got involved and murdered some of the song!! I don't think I've ever been so enthusiastic during a gig, so much so that after the show, Con had the cheek to insinuate that I was drunk (ironic when he was the intoxicated one and I was actually stone cold sober!).  On the way back to our hotel I acquired a tour poster from the venue as a memory!

Con thought it would be hilarious to copy how I awkwardly lean away ha


Next stop was London which I was really excited about.  Again, lots of my favourite people were going and London gigs always have one of the best atmospheres.  The meet and greet was made extremely awkward by the boys' tour games! We were told that we had to stand next to our favourite member and unfortunately me and mum both have Thomps as a fave, which left him being extremely pleased at winning two points whilst the others stropped and formed their own little gang in our picture!

The tour games even made it into Thomps' vlog, see if you can spot me and mum haha!

The gig was made even more special by the fact that Jay came to watch the boys!  It must have been so weird for him but he seemed really happy and it made my day getting one of his swaying hugs (literally the best in the world!).

so good to be reunited!

There was an extra support act in London called The Brittz who I enjoyed, mainly for their choice of 5SOS, One Direction and McFly covers!  Finally it was time for Kingsland - this was my favourite gig of the tour!  The boys were full of energy and in return the crowd were just as lively.  Seeing as I was reunited with Rach again, we made sure we nailed the best line in Girl With No Name again haha!  I also filmed Photograph for Ceri as she was being serenaded during it - I have to mention this moment as it was super cute, the boys made a real fuss over her and she clearly enjoyed herself so much on the stage.

me, Char and Rach

After the gig, we waited for the boys.  To pass the time, me and Rach perfected our new Uptown Funk/Misbehave dance moves as well as our Shoreline one haha.  I also got the famous leg pose picture with Queensland (very honoured to be asked to join them btw), those girls are like my little sisters, particularly Charlotte and Summer.  It was also so nice to see my favourite Australian Jakie on facetime as her friends had called her to speak to the boys.  I wish she could have been there in person but it was cute that she saw some of the concert and spoke to the boys.  

me, Summer and Charlotte

Queensland ;-)

Once the boys left, me, mum and Rach went to McDonalds and awkwardly bumped into Matt and Jay twice (turns out we were all lost!), before taking Rach back to Kings Cross and finally getting a famous "I'm off to Hogwarts" photo!


After a tour day off, it was then time to go to Brighton.  I've never been to Brighton before but it is most certainly somewhere I'd like to visit again soon!  I fell in love with the pier (i've always been a sucker for piers and arcades since I was a kid) and obviously I forced mum to spend some time in there, playing old games to win tickets!  In return, I won a minion breakfast set and glow sticks - everything a 23 year old could want, right?!

I was so excited for the gig that night as it had been so boring the night before with nothing to do!  Once again we decided to stand at the front - by now I could actually sing along with all the support acts!  The boys were amazing once again.  One of the main things I remember was Matt playing up when he was in front of us, chucking water at me and messing with my hair haha.  We got to see them after the gig again and had quite nice chats with the boys. 


Last but not least was Birmingham.  Despite being the last date, I was so excited as I was finally taking Em to see the boys perform live for the first time as well as spending the last gig with some of my faves.

my little sis :)

I've got to mention queuing for VIP as quite frankly I was hysterical in the queue.  That night there was two gigs on in the Institute, Kingsland and a band called Flatbush Zombies and the Underachievers.  Obviously this meant there were two queues outside the venue and their fans were hilarious.  Never before have I seen grown men fangirl over a band!  I think one of the members walked past because people were shouting at someone to get a picture with him then he came back to the queue fangirling and it was just so funny.  We googled the band in the queue and remixed our own version of their song 'Belly' "in my belly in my belly brap brap yesssss".

Our laughter passed the minutes away and soon enough it was time for m&g. Mum went first with our presents and the main thing I remember is Con trying to sing the Welsh national anthem! I went with Em to meet the boys and they were super cute.  I loved seeing Em reunited with Matt, he's always so precious to her!

The gig was one of my favourites because of the people I spent it with.  We sang along to the support acts (even Vanquish) as loud as possible in practise for when the boys came on.  The boys definitely went out with a bang - a fantastic gig from start to finish, my voice was more or less gone by the end!

with Em, Rach, Sam, Chuns and a sassy pic with Josh

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Kingsland perform so you can imagine how epic I find tour weeks!  Unfortunately it went far too quickly and I'd do anything to be able to relive it.  Not only was it lovely being able to see the boys every day, but it also meant I got to spend so much time with some of my closet friends, all people that I've mainly met through Kingsland.  They're a special bunch of people and I'm so grateful to the boys for bringing them into my life.

Unfortunately I don't know if or when I'll see the boys again and that makes me sad.  I normally always know when I'll be seeing them next, so the fact that there is nothing planned feels so weird.  If I could go to America for their tour then I would be there like a shot! (I still laugh that they asked us if we were going, if only!!!) I want to thank the boys for making the tour the best week ever and for giving me some unforgettable memories.  I'd also like to thank their tour manager Ant for being so super during the week and giving everyone as much time with the boys when possible.

I wish the boys all the luck in the world for their US tour next month, they deserve all the success in the world.  I miss them so much already but I hope it won't be too long until we're reunited.

If anyone has actually reached the end of this post then cheers for reading my tour ramblings! My next post will be shorter but still full of boyband loving as always ha :)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️