Saturday, 22 November 2014

Biggest Turnaround Award goes to....ME!

A few weeks ago, I went to Rixton's last tour date in Cardiff. For anyone that's known me a long time, you'd never ever ever expect to see me say that, which makes this one of the biggest turnarounds in history!! 

I've known of Rixton ever since they were Relics. I remember seeing some of The Wanted fans tweeting about them and at the time I had enough on my boyband plate and I wasn't interested (oh how I regret this now!!!). 

Fast forward a while, they became Rixton and due to some silly online poll on Celebritain, they were up against Kingsland which caused a lot of agg online and subsequently made me 'hate' them (had to stay loyal to my boys, obvs!!!), especially that lead singer of theirs, cocky so and so ;)

Fast forward to summer 2014 when Me and My Broken Heart started playing on the telly. I resisted for so long but finally caved in and watched it. Within three seconds I was hooked. I loved the song and the video and that day I became a fan. I rambled on about them to Twinny but made sure to mention that I would "never fancy Jake" (the lead singer) because he was a "lots of unnecessary bad words" - ten points to anyone who can guess how I long I kept that up for haha!!!! (Clue: not very long)

Needless to say, when they announced their tour I immediately bought tickets. The gig was in CF10 in Cardiff's Students Union, quite easily the worst venue I've ever been to as the stage was so narrow that the small crowd went back for miles. I was stood at the back and literally barely saw anything for the whole night (caught a glimpse of Jake in a grey jacket at the start which was good enough for me haha!).

However it was a really great gig - they are absolutely brilliant live! Jake has an insane voice and Charley, Danny and Lewi are phenomenal musicians. Their on stage banter was hilarious and you can tell that they are like brothers. They performed a mix of old and new songs as well as some covers. Their cover of Problem by Ariana Grande was one of my favourites, as well as their songs Make Out (check out the hilarious video online) and Wait on Me (available to download now on iTunes!!).

We didn't have VIP tickets so I wanted to hang around afterwards to try and meet them. I don't think I've ever successfully met anyone outside a venue, but after over two hours in the freezing cold and running from one side to the other, we met the boys!

Charley was so lovely, he literally treated everyone as if he knew you already and pulled you in for a big hug. He was my original favourite when I became a fan, and he proved me right by being so awesome!

I made sure I went to Jake next as I was most keen to meet him. He edged his way over and was just as I imagined him to be haha but everyone loves the lead singer right? ;)

Danny was a real cutie as well as Lewi!

It was so nice to see them live and meet them, although it made me feel so stupid for being so stubborn for so long. I ALWAYS cave in when bands are concerned, it's just a shame it took so long for me to fall in love with Rixton as they are brilliant! I really hope I can see them again soon :)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️