Monday, 25 April 2016

#MusicMonday 3

Hey. Hello. Hiiii. Yes, it's that time of week again where I share what's currently blessing my ears. There's been a lack of new music in my life this week so this post is a bit of a mixed bag. Check out last week's post here.

1. DNCE - Hands To Myself (Cover)

Since finding out that DNCE were coming to London (at short notice) to do a Live Lounge last week, I've been super bitter about it because I NEED TO FINALLY MEET THE TEENAGE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND HIS BAND PALS OKAY. Unfortunately, despite Radio 1 being a really good place to meet celebs (and being the babes that they are, DNCE stopped for ages with fans), I couldn't get Thursday off from work and even if I could have, National Rail thought it was acceptable to charge £250+ for a return train ticket, ugh.

Anyway, putting my annoyance to one side, the result of their promo trip included this incredible cover of Selena Gomez's 'Hands To Myself'. I love the song anyway, but it's kind of a basic song (it's hard to explain what I mean but in no way am I slating it) so I was a bit concerned as to how DNCE were going to tackle it. Clearly, I needn't have worried at all - they smashed it! The breakdown at 1:34 is insaaaaaane. Who ever thought a Selena song could turn into a rock song?!

2. DNCE - Pay My Rent (Vevo LIFT)

Can't get enough of these babes this week. As the Vevo LIFT artists for this year, there's so much incredible footage and performances on their Vevo page! 'Pay My Rent' is one of my favourite songs of theirs, so obviously I fell in love with this. It's such a funky song and a total bop. I would pay Joe Jonas' rent any day of the week tbh.


3. In Hindsight - Over and Out

Little throwback to a band I first saw live a few years ago. I'm not sure what their situation is anymore, but this song is and always will be a jam of mine. I'd forgotten about it until I was scrolling through my YouTube history the other day! Now, it's firmly back on my 'play at full volume' playlist.

4. Jo O'Meara  - What Hurts The Most

Bit of a story as to why this song has been included. I don't know why but a few days ago, Mum was listening to some Rascal Flatts songs, one of them being 'What Hurts The Most'. I started to sing along and she was confused as to how I knew it and she didn't. For some reason, Cascada's version came into my mind so I played it for her, then I remembered that it was actually the Jo O'Meara version that I properly knew (and adored). This is a damn good song, and Jo's version is my favourite. So here's a throwback for those of you who know this song in one capacity or another.

5. Prince - Raspberry Beret

With the tragic passing of legendary musician Prince last week, I thought I would include one of his songs. I wouldn't call myself a fan in particular but I enjoyed a lot of his music. When thinking of Prince, it's 'Raspberry Beret' that always comes to my mind straight away. I have a vivid memory of myself as a child attending summer club in school. They had one of those toy kitchens with pretend food, so we used to play in there. I remember there being a pretend food item which looked like a raspberry desert of some sort and I just kept singing 'Raspberry Beret' every time I saw it. Not the whole song, just the words 'Raspberry Beret' over and over again. Clearly a strange child lol, I have no idea how I knew the song or associated it with this plastic toy, but that is my memory of the song.

Hwyl am y tro ✌️