Friday, 15 August 2014

Final stop, Glasgow!

It's nearly been a week since Kingsland's tour finished :((( but I thought I'd write about Glasgow as the final night was definitely one of my favourites!

Whilst queuing outside the O2 ABC I managed to meet and get a picture with Ben from Canary Swing which meant that I met them all during the week - he was lovely but the sun decided to ruin our picture!

Once inside, we had our final meet and greet with the boys which was lovely. I already miss them all so much and it's been strange not seeing them every day since I've been home. Plenty of swaying hugs were had, Thomps told Darren not to blame me for him being useless with my camera and Connor was generally creepy cos he kept stroking me... We had our group picture and Darren also took some whilst we were chatting.

(this was our third try, got there in the end!)

(Cuddles with my favourite person ever!)

(Forever looking in disgust at Con oops haha! Wasn't a fan of the stroking...)

I was also reunited with Shauni who lives in Scotland. I've only met her a few times but she is so lovely :)

After everyone met the boys, we ran to get the barrier, which I managed at last!!! I was so pleased as me, mum and Joey were together on the barrier for the final date, as we'd done all six dates throughout the week. Emily also got barrier so we made sure it was going to be a gig to remember.

(Tour buddies!)

It was absolutely manic!! We had great fun during the support acts, being noticed by Canary Swing and In Hinsight was really cute! (Jessica Alice kept ignoring us despite singing along to her songs haha). 

We started a chant for Canary Swing before they walked on as well as chanting for several of their team haha! I managed to get some good pictures and videos as keepsakes (they can never be posted as my singing is atrocious wow). It was amazing to watch Canary Swing and In Hindsight all week and I hope I can see them again soon, definitely new favourites of mine!

Finally it was time for the boys, and boy did the crowd go crazy!!! For the first time, we were in the "splashing zone" for Walk Away, basically being spat water on by Thomps which I was oddly thrilled about (I was hyper as anything by that night looool). Josh also noticed us straight away as we were singing our hearts out!

(This is how close we were at times!)

I would never have thought to compare a boyband gig to that of a mosh pit but on several occasions I was rammed into the barrier, had my hair pulled and nearly got strangled as Thomps stood infront of me and leaned into the crowd (subsequently I shoved him by the knee so that he would move back, only for him to come back again and stand even closer yay!!) - Glasgow girls are crazy but it all added to the atmosphere! 

We sang, danced and gave all our energy and it was amazing to be able to watch them from the very front, with no one blocking my short self, and being able to go completely crazy!  We even managed to do a shuffle from side to side during He's Got It Coming, copying the boys dance moves, as we also did during Treasure!

(Selfie with Flynny!) 

It was really sad to see them leave the stage for the final time. It was the most amazing week of my life being able to watch them every night. Many ask me, why would you want to see the same show 6 times, but it really wasn't the same at all. Every night was spent watching from a different position (let me reassure you, as rough as it was, there is no better experience than being on the barrier), watching with different friends as well as being in various cities and atmospheres. The Birmingham crowd for example was pretty special as lots of the boys' family and friends were present. To be honest, even if it was exactly the same every night, I would still enjoy it as nothing gives me a greater buzz than watching those boys on stage. You can tell how much they love life when they are performing!

The end of tour also marks the release of Dirty Dancer, their debut single! They need to chart within the top 40 on Sunday, and they are so close to doing so! Please help to support them by downloading the single and EP NOW!!!

available on: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
signed physical copy: Pledge
listen on: Spotify and Deezer

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Hopefully going to write a little roundup over the weekend, as it's the first weekend I've been at home for in weeks! Although I'm buzzing to see the boys again next week in Colwyn Bay haha!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️