Friday, 8 August 2014

KL Round 3 and 4 - Brum and Manc

Rounds 3 and 4 of The Kingsland Road Show tour saw the boys stop in Birmingham and Manchester! Both were sold out shows which meant the atmosphere was electric in the venues!

On Wednesday, the boys also visited two radio stations in Birmingham, Free Radio and BBC Radio West Midlands. We missed the boys arriving at Free Radio as we'd only just arrived after our long train journey but I managed to meet Con and Thomps when they stopped on their way out.

Afterwards we went back to the train station to meet one of my faves Em and her friend Leah. Em is like my little sister, and we met through being fans of Times Red. I hadn't seen her since December so I was super excited to be reunited and hopefully help her to meet Kingsland!

We headed to the Mailbox, and luckily there was a Nandos opposite the radio so we could eat and keep an eye on what was going on - once we heard screams, we knew the boys had arrived! We ran out of Nandos, leaving poor Leah to carry on eating and headed straight to Matt as he is Em's fave. 

He was so precious to her, it made my day to see her so happy and that her fave was so lovely to her. I'd already told him about her in Swansea, and he loved the Minion Haribo she gave him ;) I grabbed a quick photo with him too!  

She also managed to meet Thomps and Jay who were equally as lovely to her - I think she's fallen even more in love with the boys now so mission accomplished ;)

The gig itself at the O2 Academy was amazing, such a good atmosphere, made even more special for the boys as lots of their family and friends were present! I got to see Doddy again, who's Thomps' friend but also drove the boys to my house when I won a competition for them to perform last year. He's always so lovely to us! I spent the gig with Faye and her friend, one of my longest klander friends, she's absolutely crazy but I love her!

Yesterday we travelled on to Manchester for the 4th show. This time there was a change in support acts. As well as Jessica Alice, there was also Liverpool based boyband Mic Lowry, as well as a band called In Hindsight. I've seen Mic Lowry briefly before at a Soccer Six event and they were fab once again. I also think I've potentially found some new faves in the form of In Hindsight, who will be supporting for the rest of the tour!

The gig itself was one of my favourites so far, definitely one of the best venues! Despite being near the back, I had a brilliant view and danced and sang along til I practically lost my voice. Kingsland Road always put on an energetic show, their vocals were on point and their new songs are firmly cemented into my brain!!

After the show, everyone ran outside to try and meet them, which was particularly manic although I expected nothing less from Manchester haha! I managed to help a girl get her phone case signed by Josh, and hugged Matt to thank him for how he was with Em the day before. I also got to see Doddy again, and as Thomps had gone back to the car, I asked him just to pass on the message that we had been there, but instead he went to the car and brought him out to us so we could have a hug! 

I can't believe that we're nearing the end of tour!! It's going to be so strange when it ends. I'm currently sat on the train to Newcastle, which will be an experience in itself as I have never been there before! I can't wait to be reunited with one of my fave Welshies Gabrielle who happens to be in Newcastle at the moment!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️