Tuesday, 5 August 2014

KL Round 2! Bristol and Swansea

Next stop on The Kingsland Road Show tour was Bristol on Sunday. I was really excited for this particular show as it meant getting to see loads of the girls that I hadn't seen for a while! 

(I love seeing their name on the venue, it makes me so proud!)

After getting ready, we headed to the O2 Academy in Bristol and queued with my Weston girls Char and Emma, who also had VIP for this particular show. We were some of the first in line to meet the boys which I think worked in our favour, as security didn't really rush people through!

The meet and greet was cute, full of lots of swaying hugs as captured by Char :) http://instagram.com/p/rVCNxKKVbF/ 

the boys seemed happy to see us, I can't guarantee this will be case by the end of the week haha but it was lovely to see them as always, and to wish them luck for the gig ahead.

After a long wait, we got inside the venue, and it was ridiculously tiny and sweltering hot - far from being my favourite venue!! To warm up the stage before the boys came on, Jake Sims, Canary Swing and Jessica Alice performed. 

(Jake Sims and Joe B Roberts - credit to @helz999)

Both Jake and Canary Swing were incredible again, so much stage energy that really gets the crowd going! I'm so glad that Canary Swing are supporting for most of the tour as they keep getting better and better! 

(Canary Swing/George - credit to @helz999)

They were also joined by a new act called Ellie Rose. As you might be aware, I'm not partial to female singers but I did enjoy her boyband song, about a supposed member she'd been with - several lyrics had the audience gasping and laughing!

Later than the previous show, Kingsland Road came on around 10, where the crowd went completely crazy for them. At this point I'd ended up near the back however it was nice being able to see how much the crowd in front appreciated the music! It's safe to say that so far Shoreline is one of the crowd favourites! The new songs also went down very well, with several of the audience already knowing the songs word perfect. 

(credit - @helz999)

This time, I did start crying at Heaven Knows - it will probably cause me a breakdown by the end of the tour haha! I find both Heaven Knows and Never Too Late to be extremely relevant and expresses the boys' journey so far. Bristol was another amazing show and they had a brilliant reception!  Char has made a fabulous highlights video from the night which you can watch here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cleFjfUpYpY
Make sure you subscribe to her channel!

Unfortunately we had to rush off after the gig as we were travelling back to Swansea ready for their visit to The Wave radio early the next day. It was well worth the rush and early wake up call as there was only 8 of us there to greet the boys.  Once again I had a reunion with some of my favourite Welshies including Bekah, Dannii and Kirsten.

There was only three of us there when the boys arrived so we stood sheltered whilst their car was parked. They came over and greeted us with hugs, they looked so tired bless them. I'm tired just following them around on the tour dates, I can't imagine how they must feel having to travel so much as well as performing every night!

The boys went in for their interview and came out around 20 minutes later, where they stopped for a chat and some pictures. I did spend half the time taking the piss out of Thomps and his top knot, although it's starting to grow on me....probably because it's him! It was then time for their tour manager Darren to drive them onto the next station in Reading. Shoutout to Darren though, as he is a really nice tour manager and let's you have time with the boys without rushing until they need to go :)

Next stop is Birmingham, which is today. I'm currently writing this blog on the six hour journey, as I'm being kept awake by loud Irish people who think it's acceptable to shout across the carriage at 3:30am :))))) all going well, we'll fit in two radio stations as well as their gig tonight (and even more exciting than that, I get to be reunited with Em who I think of as my little sister - I'm hoping to introduce her to the boys for the first time, particularly Matt as he's her fave ;) more to come in the next blog!)

Hwyl am y tro ✌️