Sunday, 10 August 2014

Round 5 - Newcastle!

So tour has now sadly come an end :((( but to celebrate, here's two blog posts - firstly about Newcastle!

Newcastle (round 5) was one of my favourite gigs during the tour - we manage to get a good spot and just went crazy. We spent the gig with Gabrielle and Danielle, our fellow Welshies which was amazing!

(post gig pic in the pouring rain, as you do) 

The support acts for this night were Aiden Hancock, In Hindsight, Canary Swing and Jessica Alice. Aiden was good considering he's quite young, and we decided to be very enthusiastic for Jessica's performance!  However the stand out support acts on tour were definitely In Hindsight and Canary Swing.

I'd never seen In Hindsight before this tour however I think they are amazing, and I'm quite keen to go and see them on their own tour in October! Dangerous is my favourite song of theirs, there's a breakdown near the end where they perform solos and Michael starts rapping, I was completely sold by that point, it sounded amazing!

I've mentioned on numerous occasions how brilliant Canary Swing are, and they just keep getting better and better, they need to tour again soon!

Finally it was time for Kingsland, who performed another energetic and memorable show. We sang our hearts out with them and for the first time I actually jumped at a gig - I never jump for anyone but there I was during Sing, jumping up and down and swinging a Kingsland t-short round my head...... (Note to self, never buy loads of merch before a gig when you have no bag to carry it as it gets in the way - I ended up with 4 band t-shirts in my hands, falling on the floor etc, not great lol. I must also note at this point, how lovely Callum is, who was selling Kingsland's merch. It was so nice to meet him at last!)

Newcastle was the night where I met the support acts as well as the boys outside. It was absolutely pouring down but luckily I met George from Canary Swing and Michael from In Hindsight inside so got decent pictures!



Once outside, I managed to get drowned rat selfies with Matt, Josh, Jay and Thomps, as well as Cory and Sam from Canary Swing.

It was a brilliant night, although one step closer to the last gig in Glasgow, which you'll read more about in the next post....

Hwyl am y tro ✌️