Friday, 23 May 2014

Flying footballs and headbutts

Last Sunday, I went to my fourth Soccer Six event at Charlton football stadium. For anyone that hasn't heard of Soccer Six, it's a massive celebrity football tournament that raises money for charity. They used to hold two events a year, before having additional 'Next Generation' events!

On this occasion, despite there being a host of famous names such as Olly Murs, James Arthur, You Me At Six and Heather from Eastenders, the main people I wanted to see were Kingsland Road and Callum Oakley, both of whom I managed to have a red faced experience with....

This particular Kingsland Road crave was far from my favourite for numerous reasons however Connor was lovely as per, and went out of his way by climbing over the fence to make sure we had a picture...

However, the boys also caused me great embarrassment when a shoddy kick meant the ball came flying at me and subsequently hit me in the head...!!! (I clearly styled it out quite well as no-one knew I'd ACTUALLY been hit until I complained that my head was still sore half an hour later lol)

Unfortunately, my head traumas continued in the afternoon when I met Callum Oakley. He was a comedian on Britain's Got Talent a few years ago and I've met him before but felt awkward asking for a picture so Malika shouted at him for me... he'd promised to go in the photo booth with some girls but said he'd come back. He kept his promise and whilst I was sat down, he came to hug me. Now everyone knows a sitting down hug is extremely awkward so I went to stand up and accidentally headbutted him in the face oops!

This led to him pretending to headbutt me every time he walked past us for the rest of the afternoon... he's a lovely boy tho, you should check out his auditions on YouTube! 

Those were the main talking points of my day haha I always find Soccer Six a bit of a weird event, mainly because there's always one person I'm dead set on seeing. If you were to go as a general fangirl and wanting to meet everyone then you'd have the best time ever and I'd recommend you to go! 

Hwyl am y tro ✌️