Friday, 30 May 2014

Pledge it!

If you've been bored enough to read any of my previous blog posts, you'll be aware that I'm a big fan of Kingsland Road! This week, they made me prouder than ever before by announcing details of their debut album! Whilst the date is to be confirmed, Kingsland have teamed up with Pledge Music to release their hotly anticipated debut album!

Now what is Pledge Music I hear you ask? Pledge is a very innovative way for artists to release their music, which also allows them to further connect with their fans whilst offering once in a lifetime opportunities. 

A basic pledge for a digital copy of Kingsland's album is £8, which also includes regular updates along the way. Fans can then pledge for additional exclusives, some of which are very rare indeed!

Some of these include tickets to a Kingsland social, dance lesson at Pineapple, party with Kingsland on a canal boat, personalised uke from Matt, being escorted to your prom by the boys or having your own song! Pledges range in price from £10 to £7000, in accordance to the exclusivity of the pledge!

I've been lucky enough to guilt trip mum into buying my birthday present early, therefore I will be getting a guitar lesson with my two faves Thomps and Connor! I'm extremely excited yet anxious, I used to play the guitar but had great difficulty, in fact I don't think I've even touched a guitar since I was 14 haha!

I believe in Kingsland so much and am incredibly proud that they are finally getting the chance to release an album. However they need a lot of support as the pledges (and the album itself) will only happen once the target has been met.  Better still, 5% of the money raised after the goal is reached will go towards BeatBullying, raising money for a worthy charity.

They are already over a fifth of the way with 21% which is a brilliant achievement! There is something here for everyone, and even a pledge for a download of the album will help them towards fulfilling their dreams! Please help these boys in any way you can and let's smash this target! <3