Sunday, 25 May 2014

Swizzle in Ozzel Twizzel ✌️

Often enough, me and ma have a dumbass idea about going to a strange gig in the back of beyond just to see a fave. The gig on this occasion was in Oswaldtwistle (up north somewhere, still unsure of it's pronunciation but Wiki tells me it's actually Ozzel-Twizzel haha) to see Kingsland Road.

A 4 and a half journey turned into 8 and a half hours thanks to bank holiday traffic, pouring rain and accidents but after our longest road trip and a quick change in the hotel, we arrived at Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre!

My first thoughts? School talent show. Quaint venue but we've been to some strange things in our time so nothing surprises me anymore haha! There was a tuck shop and raffle tickets to win a meet and greet with the acts (definitely didn't spend £16 on tickets....!). It was brilliant how it was technically a Sam Callahan show, yet the front row (and the next few rows) were full of Kingsland fans, was so lovely to be able to speak to people that I haven't met before/spoken much to in the past!

There was three acts before Kingsland which were: Charlee Drew,  The Parades and Reece Bibby. I thought they were all brilliant actually, Charlee could probably pass off as a comedian also due to his commentary about the sound problems hah! I've seen The Parades before and I've always thought that they were good at what they did. Reece was a local lad, and at 15, he was ridiculously good!

Finally it was time for Kingsland, who were super excited as they were performing a brand new set for us. Unfortunately, there was a lot of sound problems that were beyond the control of all the acts which disappointed the boys, but seriously they were brilliant. The new songs sound awesome and will really surprise people that think they're the "cheesy boyband off X Factor". It made me even more excited for tour, where they'll truly be able to show off what they can do!

In the break they drew the raffle, and lucky old me won a meet and greet ;) it was so good to see them and to try and knock some sense into them regarding how good their performance actually was!! 
(funny faces with Jay)

(Josh and Connor)

(Thomps and Matt)

It was so worth the random trek to see them, considering I was lucky enough to guarantee a meet and greet and I got to witness their new songs! Come and check out their new music on The Kingsland Road Show tour in August - tickets available from now!

Hwyl am y tro ✌️